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About Sweet Home

Sweet Home candles have been handmade in Arkansas for over 20 years.  Although the location of the business has changed, our commitment to producing a top-quality candle at a great price has not!

Many of you have come to our website after purchasing Sweet Home candles at merchant shows around Arkansas and other states - THANK YOU! Most of you know the quality of our Sweet Home candles through experience and we sincerely appreciate your business over the years! We hope that our online store will offer you an easy way to purchase your favorite Sweet Home products throughout the year.

Sweet Home currently offers many of your favorite scents in our online store. We will continually update and add to our fragrance and product line. We are constantly developing new scents and we look forward to adding new things to our product line. If your favorite fragrance is not listed - please contact us. Suggestions are always welcome!

                    Thanks for visiting

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